Government of Ontario
Ministry of the
Solicitor General

MCSCS Strategic Plan 2008-2013: Overview

Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services

Strategic Plan 2008-2013: A Safe, Strong, Secure Ontario

Directional statement

Serving all of Ontario’s diverse communities to keep our province safe

Ministry goals

  • Deliver services and set standards, policies, and guidelines in policing, corrections and public safety to keep Ontario’s communities safe
  • Contribute to an effective, efficient and seamless justice system that serves all of Ontario’s diverse communities
  • Deliver responsive programs and services that meet the unique needs of Ontario’s diverse Communities
  • Work with Aboriginal communities to address their community safety service delivery needs and develop harmonious and mutually respectful relationships
  • Lead and promote a healthy, diverse and engaged workforce and organization that reflects the Ministry’s values and the communities we serve


  • Reduce incidents, impact and fear of crime
  • Reduce death and injury rates related to vehicles
  • Effectively manage adult corrections population and reduce re-offending
  • Increase emergency preparedness and reduce preventable death and injury rates
  • Strengthen training in core businesses
  • Increase public confidence
  • Support victims of crime
  • Leverage science and technology to improve service delivery
  • Modernize Correctional Services
  • Improved service delivery by working in partnership with other ministries, governments and community organizations
  • Leverage science and technology to improve service delivery
  • Make measurable progress in delivering responsive programming/services (e.g., gender, culture, age,(dis)ability, etc.)
  • Increase community dialogue and engagement in developing responsive programming
  • Improve safety in Aboriginal communities
  • Engage Aboriginal communities to increase their participation in public safety service delivery
  • Develop processes and practices that are free of bias and support the attraction, recruitment, promotion and retention of a skilled and diverse workforce
  • Develop a workforce that is diverse and culturally responsive to the needs of Ontarians
  • Increase staff engagement

What it means for Ontarians

  • Communities that are better prepared and safer, stronger and more secure
  • Public safety services that are high quality, responsive, efficient and effective
  • Engaged and involved communities
  • Working together for stronger and safer Aboriginal communities
  • Service improvement through a workforce that is reflective of the community and responsive to its needs