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Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario

Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario


Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario (CISO) is a partnership between the Ontario government and the law enforcement community. It focuses on the fight against organized crime and the safety of our communities.

CISO began its operations in 1966. Its funding and support come from the Ontario government and the law enforcement agencies in the province including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Who we are

We bring together police services and provincial and federal government agencies to identify and tackle organized crime across the province.

We are part of a Canadian network of similar organizations that make up Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC).

What we do

The role of Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario is to link organizations that are responsible for intelligence gathering, criminal investigation and enforcing provincial and federal laws. These connections make it possible for police and government to work together effectively to fight organized crime.

We provide specialized intelligence training to police officers and funding to support major organized crime investigations targeting:

  • street gangs
  • illegal drug manufacturing
  • weapons and cigarette smuggling
  • auto theft rings
  • extortion
  • money laundering
  • illegal gambling
  • identity theft
  • black marketing
  • fraud
  • human trafficking and human exploitation.

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