Ministry of the
Solicitor General

Facilities - locations and visiting hours

Facilities - locations and visiting hours

The Ministry of the Solicitor General operates the following types of adult facilities:

Correctional centres

  • Correctional centres house sentenced offenders typically serving periods of incarceration from 60 days to a maximum of two years less a day.
  • Offenders serving their sentences in correctional centres are eligible for education, counselling and work experience programs.

Jails and detention centres

  • Jails are older, generally smaller institutions originally established by counties or other municipalities.
  • Detention centres are larger, more modern facilities built to serve the needs of several regions.
  • Jails and detention centres serve as the point of entry into the institutional system. They hold:
    • persons on remand (awaiting trial, sentencing or other proceedings)
    • offenders sentenced to short terms (approximately 60 days or less)
    • offenders awaiting transfer to a federal or provincial correctional facility
  • Both types of facilities are maximum security.

Treatment centres

  • Treatment centres provide specialized and intensive treatment for motivated offenders with clearly identified problems relating to substance abuse, sexual misconduct, impulse control and anger management.
  • These facilities are staffed by professional clinical personnel employed by, or under contract to, the ministry.