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Earned remission

Correctional Services

Earned remission

Under the Prisons and Reformatories Act and the Ministry of Correctional Services Act, sentenced offenders are allowed to accumulate a specific number of days of earned remission to reduce their time spent in custody.

By following institutional rules as well as conditions governing temporary absences, sentenced offenders can be credited with 15 days earned remission for each month served. This means they are eligible to earn remission equalling approximately one third of their sentence and may be eligible for release after serving about two thirds of their sentence.

Note: Any sentences to be served that are shorter than one month will be calculated on a pro-rated basis.

How earned remission works

When sentenced offenders are admitted to Ontario correctional institutions, they must follow institutional rules, as well as any conditions governing temporary absences.

Violating any institutional rules, regulations or conditions may result in sentenced offenders being placed on misconduct. If placed on misconduct, they may forfeit earned remission already accumulated or be suspended from the eligibility to earn remission for a specified period.

Sentenced offenders who are voluntarily placed in a treatment facility may agree to have their behaviour and program participation considered in the awarding of earned remission. Negative behaviour may result in the loss of earned remission.