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Parole is a conditional release from a correctional institution. It permits an offender to serve the remainder of his/her sentence in the community under the supervision of a probation and parole officer.

In Ontario, release of offenders from incarceration, other than by normal expiration of sentence, is the responsibility of the Ontario Parole Board.

The Board handles all adult offenders in the province who have prison sentences of less than two years. (The Parole Board of Canada is responsible for offenders who have prison sentences of two years or more.)

The Board will only grant parole if it is satisfied that the offender will not, by re-offending, present an undue risk to society before the expiration of the sentence.

In granting parole, the Board sets the conditions for release. Parole may be revoked if the conditions are not met. Where parole is revoked, the offender serves the remaining portion of his/her sentence in custody.