Ministry of the
Solicitor General

Electronic monitoring

Electronic Supervision Program

The Electronic Supervision Program (ESP) uses leased electronic monitoring technologies and systems to monitor offenders’ compliance with house arrest and curfew conditions. These technologies assist ministry staff responsible for supervising offenders in the community to more closely monitor their compliance with conditions, and allow the Ministry to hold offenders more accountable for their actions.


The ESP is available, as an optional condition, for adult offenders serving Conditional Sentences, and those approved for interim release from custody on Ontario Parole and Temporary Absence Programs. The decision to impose ESP as an optional condition rests with Ontario judges for conditional sentence orders, and with the Ontario Parole and Earned Release Board for offenders released on parole and temporary absence programs.

Offenders required to participate in the program must have a residence, and active land based telephone service (or the ability to have land based telephone service installed). This information is investigated by Ministry staff prior to the ESP condition being imposed.

How the ESP works

  • The program uses leased electronic monitoring technologies and monitoring systems, and involves contracts for these and for installation, maintenance and equipment retrieval services. Ministry staff are responsible for all intake, assessment, supervision, enforcement and monitoring services.
  • Participants are fitted with a tamper-resistant, radio frequency based anklet transmitter. The transmitter sends radio frequency signals to a receiver device installed in the participants’ home, and connected to their land-based telephone line.
  • Participants must abide by a pre-approved curfew schedule or house arrest conditions.
  • The transmitter communicates with the receiver to confirm the participants’ presence or absence at the residence continuously, and the information is transmitted to a centralized computer system monitored by ministry staff 24 hours a day at the ministry’s Ontario Monitoring Centre (OMC).
  • Participant violations and equipment / monitoring issues such as unauthorized absences, attempts to tamper with the monitoring equipment, and power or telephone service interruptions, are reported through the centralized computer system to the OMC immediately.
  • Violations and equipment / monitoring issues are investigated and acted upon in accordance with comprehensive pre-established protocols.
  • Assigned case managers are notified of all violations / issues involving their clients, and are responsible for enforcement decisions with regard to violations.
  • During non-business hours, police are notified if violations occur that cannot be resolved by OMC staff, and/or contact with participants cannot be established within specific time frames.