Ministry of the
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Other correctional careers

Other careers in Corrections

Our staff work in a variety of disciplines to support Ontario's correctional system.

- Jobs in health care


Nurses are the back bone of the health care team and provide frontline care to inmates. They play an important part of the rehabilitation process by helping inmates achieve greater independence and self-care that supports their transition from custody.

Our nurses are responsible for:

  • performing health status assessments
  • planning, implementing and evaluating nursing care strategies
  • handling medical and psychiatric emergencies
  • providing a wide range of nursing tasks in an unconventional setting


Psychologists and psychometrists are specialists in forensic or correctional psychology and are part of a multi-disciplinary team that provides treatment to inmates and offenders in the community.

They are responsible for:

  • providing mental health assessments
  • providing therapy and treatment programs for:
    • substance abuse and addiction
    • anger management
    • social skills training
  • running traditional group psychotherapy

- Jobs in social work and rehabilitation

- Jobs in fitness and physical activity

Other members of the team

The ministry relies upon the skills and talents of employees in many other disciplines and professions.

Administrative staff (secretarial, clerical and office support staff) play an important role in the day-to-day activities of all institutions, probation and parole offices, regional, and corporate offices.

Administrators perform planning, research, accounting, human resources, and program management functions.

Institutions require maintenance workers to maintain physical plants and equipment and food services personnel to prepare thousands of meals every day.