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All FITCO tests and familiarization sessions are cancelled until further notice.

Application and selection process

When you apply for a position in correctional services, all applications must be complete with all mandatory documents included. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Only apply to advertised positions. Submissions made directly to the Correctional Services Recruitment Unit will not be accepted.

It can take six to nine months to complete all stages of the recruitment process. Only if you are successful in each stage of the process will you be contacted to proceed to the next stage. When you successfully meet all the requirements, an offer of employment will be extended.

Submitting your application

Please include the following documents with your application package:

  1. resume and cover letter
  2. pre-employment questionnaire (included in the job posting)

You must apply to the job posting online at the Ontario Public Service careers site. Open job opportunities are posted frequently on the site, so check back regularly to see when jobs are available.

Selection process

You need to successfully complete several stages in sequence before being accepted into training. Successful completion of the Correctional Officer Training and Assessment (COTA) program is the final stage of the recruitment process.

Stage 1: Application

  • To qualify, you must meet the basic requirements and follow the process outlined in the job advertisement.

Stage 2: Testing

If you meet the basic requirements of the correctional officer position, you will be invited to complete a series of ministry-administered written tests to determine whether you meet the aptitude, cognitive and behavioural requirements of the correctional officer position.

Note: Candidates attending the testing must bring a photocopy and two original pieces of government issued identification other than a health card or social insurance number. At least one piece of identification must include a photograph taken within the last five years. In addition, you must bring a photocopy and an original secondary school graduation diploma, transcripts or equivalency certificate to the training session. For additional information, see education requirements.

Acceptable photo identification

driver's licence
valid passport
Canadian citizenship card
Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL card)
permanent residency card
certificate of Indian Status
Canadian National Institute of the Blind card
Canadian Military Employment card or Canadian Military Family Identification card
Ontario Photo ID card

Acceptable non-photo identification

birth certificate
baptismal certificate
hunting licence
Outdoors Card
Canadian blood donor card
immigration papers


Stage 3: Fitness test for Ontario correctional officer applicants (FITCO)

To Book a formal FITCO test:

You must book your appointment directly with one of the colleges listed below via the contact information provided. There is a $70 fee per test.

  • You require FITCO paperwork at the formal testing session you attend. It must be properly filled out and witnessed. If your paperwork is not filled out or incomplete the appraiser will not be able to test you. You are not required to bring the paperwork to a practice session.
  • The paperwork includes:
  • OFT-01 Participant Information
  • OFT-02 PAR Q Plus –Please read this form in its entirety and follow the instructions when filling it out.
  • OFT-04 (Participant Informed Consent and Release)
  • OFT-05 (Participant Performance Declaration)
  • OFT-09 (Physicians Clearance)

Note: It is mandatory that all candidates who are 45 years of age or older require the Physicians Clearance as well as the additional paperwork listed. All candidates who are under 45 years of age do not require the physicians clearance unless you have underlying medical issues or answer “yes” to the questions on the PAR Q. Please follow the instructions in the PAR Q Plus.

Questions regarding FITCO should be sent to

College Dates Contact information
Community colleges offering FITCO testing
Humber College
Lakeshore Campus Toronto
to be determined
Ph. 416-675-6622 ext. 3335
Reference: TUTR 045
La Cité Collégiale
Ottawa Campus
to be determined Register your FITCO online at
Please use the registration link on the website.
Mohawk College
Fennell Campus
to be determined
Book a FITCO test at Mohawk College here.
Must book online via credit card.
St. Clair College
Windsor Campus
Main Campus Gym (Main Building)
to be determined St. Clair College FITCO
Sir Sanford Fleming
Peterborough Campus
Wellness Centre, Gym A
to be determined Candidates can pre-register at the Fleming College website or by contacting the Continuing Education Office at 1-866-353-6464 ext. 1502 or at the Fleming college website using a Visa or Mastercard only.
Fanshawe College
1001 Fanshawe College Blvd.
Building C 1052
to be determined To book FITCO practice or a formal testing
session please call 519-452-4444
Practice Sessions $40
FITCO Testing $70
Questions  519-639-7923 or
Niagara College
Welland Campus
to be determined Niagara College FITCO
Georgian College
Orillia Campus
to be determined Georgian College CRN 25818
Course Code JUST 0059
Rob Reid 705-728-1968, ext. 1024
College Boreal
21 LaSalle Blvd.,
to be determined
Monteith Correctional Complex
3052 Rese Rd.
to be determined
OCSC – CSRU Thunder Bay
Fort William First Nation Arena,
Community Room, 200 Mission Road
Thunder Bay
to be determined
OCSC - CSRU Algoma Remand and Treatment Centre
800 Great Northern Road
Sault Ste. Marie
to be determined
Seven Generations Education Institution
240 Veterans Drive
to be determined

To book a practice and familiarization session:

Practice and familiarization sessions are available at the locations noted below. You must register in advance for these sessions.

Familiarization sessions
College Dates Contact information Fee
Ontario Correctional Services College
467 Beach Blvd, Hamilton
to be determined You must send a request if you would like to attend a FITCO practice and familiarization session.
Based on availability you will be sent a registration email.
All Tuesday practice sessions start at 7 p.m.
No fee.
Trades Building 
252 Fennell Avenue West
Hamilton, Ontario
to be determined You must send a request if you would like to attend a FITCO practice and familiarization session.
Based on availability you will be sent a registration email.
All practice sessions start at 2 p.m.
No fee.
  • Additional testing sites are under consideration. Updates will be posted on this website as they become available.
  • You can schedule FITCO testing session from the participating college’s continuing education website or through the college contact. There is a $70 fee for the test, payable to the college.
  • Upon successful completion of the FITCO test you will receive a certificate. This certificate may be used to apply for positions within one year of the issue date.
  • Participating colleges may also be providing FITCO familiarization, practice and training sessions. Check with the continuing education website of your preferred college.

Note: FITCO familiarization sessions will be offered free of charge at the Ontario Correctional Services College. For information on dates/times, please contact the Correctional Services Recruitment Unit.

Successful completion of the FITCO testing is required again in order to graduate from the Correctional Officer Training and Assessment program.

Stage 4: Enhanced security clearance

  • You must receive enhanced security clearance to be considered for the correctional officer position.
  • You will be required to attend Ontario Provincial Police stations for fingerprints and complete and submit documentation for vulnerable sector security clearance to your local police service (if different than the OPP).
  • You will be provided with further information, including detailed instructions and forms to complete the enhanced security process should you be invited to attend an orientation/testing session.
  • You are responsible for the costs of the enhanced security clearance, which may vary by jurisdiction, but are generally less than $75 in total.

Note: If you have not been a resident of Canada or the United States for at least 5 years, you must provide a security clearance letter from the police or municipal office from your former country of residence indicating that you do not have a criminal record, ties to organized crime and are not a security threat to Canada.

If you have lived outside of Canada or the United States within the past 5 years you must provide a security clearance letter from the police or municipal office of your former country of residence indicating that you do not have a criminal record, ties to organized crime and are not a security threat to Canada.

Stage 5: Interview

If you successfully pass through stages 1 through 4, you will be invited to attend an interview to further discuss your qualifications and experience.

Stage 6: Conditional offer of employment

If you are successful in the interview process, you will receive a conditional offer of fixed term employment.

The offer will be conditional upon you:

Pre-Employment Medical
You must arrange for your own medical appointments. The pre-employment medical will include hearing and vision tests. You are responsible for any costs associated with obtaining pre-employment medical clearance and any related tests.

Correctional Officer Training and Assessment Program
You must complete an 8-week training and assessment program in order to receive a letter of appointment from an institution. For further information on the COTA program, see Correctional Officer Training and Assessment.

  • obtaining pre-employment medical clearance that confirms your ability to perform the tasks of the correctional officer position, and
  • successful completion of the COTA program administered by the Ontario Correctional Services College.