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Trilcor Industries

Trilcor Industries was established in 1991.

The Trilcor name comes from the words "trillium", Ontario's provincial flower, and "corrections".

By providing inmates with the opportunity to work at meaningful jobs, the program provides cost effective, rehabilitative work experience for offenders. In the process, they learn valuable skills that will serve them well upon release. A regular work schedule teaches offenders accountability, responsibility and teamwork.

Trilcor's products are marketed to government organizations at the federal, provincial and municipal levels, as well as school boards and not-for-profit organizations. Ontario's correctional facilities also use a number of Trilcor's products. This provides the Ministry of the Solicitor General with direct cost savings.

Goods produced by Trilcor Industries and the organizations that purchase them
Industry Product Main Customer
Tailored products Clothing:
  • inmate clothing
  • specialty security clothing
Ministry of the Solicitor General
Law enforcement agencies
  • fire retardant pillows
Ministry of the Solicitor General
Blankets Ministry of the Solicitor General
Law enforcement agencies
Linen service Central laundry Ministry of the Solicitor General
Marker Plant all Ontario licence plates Ministry of Government and Consumer Services
  • plaques
  • name plates
Ontario Public Service

Trilcor Industries is located at:

17 Wilson Dr.
Unit # 6
Milton, ON
L9T 3J7
Telephone: 905-876-8807
Facsimile: 905-876-8813

For product information, contact:

Telephone: 905-876-8809
Facsimile: 905-876-8813