Ministry of the
Solicitor General

Uniform appearance for security guards

Uniform appearance for security guards

Security guards are required to wear uniforms that include key elements on the outermost garment.

On the chest of the uniform, there must be:

  • an identification tag with the individual’s full name or licence number visible
  • the name, logo or crest of the organization that employs the security guard visible
  • the words “security” or “security guard” in a colour that stands out

On the back of the uniform (including on any pieces of outerwear like rain or winter jackets and on protective wear like Kevlar vests), there must be the words “security or “security guard” in a colour that stands out.

If the outermost garment is a collared shirt, sweater or blazer, the words “security” or “security guard” do not have to appear.

Elements that cannot be included on uniforms

Uniforms for security guards cannot include:

  • rank chevrons
  • black or navy blue collared shirts
  • striped pants or trousers
  • police-style forage caps


Exceptions apply for security guards who are hired for

  • loss prevention
  • theft protection
  • plain clothes assignments

However, they are still required to present their security guard licence upon request.