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Become a Basic Training Provider

Private Security and Investigative Services

Become a Basic Training Provider

Security guard and private investigator basic training courses can be offered by:

  • public universities
  • community colleges
  • private career colleges
  • agencies licensed to sell security guards and/or private investigator services
  • registered employers that employ in-house security personnel (Note: registered employers can only train their own employees).

If you fall into one of these categories and want to offer the security guard or private investigator basic training course, you must first register as a training provider on the Serco DES Inc. website.

If you have questions about how to use the Serco Des Inc. website, please send an email to

For questions about the ministry’s requirements for training and testing, contact

Please review the Security Guard Syllabus and/or the Private Investigator Syllabus prior to submitting a training entity identification form.

Independent basic training providers

Independent training providers can only teach a basic training course by entering into an agreement with a licensed agency or registered employer to provide training on its behalf.

The agency or registered employer, not the independent training provider, must register as a training provider on the Serco DES Inc. website and will be listed as the training entity on the ministry website.

Course content

The ministry provides syllabi for the security guard and private investigator courses. Each training provider is responsible for developing course content and materials.

Licensed agencies and registered employers that provide training which does not conform to the Training and Testing regulation or the ministry’s syllabi may be charged for the relevant offences.

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