Ministry of the
Solicitor General


Private Security and Investigative Services

Questions and answers – agencies

1. Can an agency conduct business from a non-commercial location?

2. What do agencies need to do to comply with the Uniforms regulation?

3. What do agencies need to do to comply with the Vehicles regulation?

4. When I apply for an agency licence, how should I demonstrate compliance with the Uniforms and Vehicles regulations?

5. What if an inspection determines that my agency is non-compliant?

6. What type of equipment can security guards use?

7. Can security guards and private investigators use animals to help them do their jobs?

8. Am I responsible for getting licences for my employees?

9. How can I find out if a job applicant or employee has a valid licence?

10. Is it possible to find out if an agency has a valid licence?

11. Do I need to notify the ministry if there is a change in address or other agency information?

12. Do agencies that offer security guard training need to include First Aid?

13. Do licensed agencies that offer training have to issue a training certificate?