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New Platform for Registry of Vulnerable Occupancies and Standard Incident Report Filing

Communiqué du commissaire des incendies


Communiqué 2021-05

June 17 2021

The Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) is pleased to announce the launch of a new platform for accessing the online applications, Registry of Vulnerable Occupancies (RVO) and Standard Incident Reports (SIR).

Filing of information for RVO and SIR will now be made through two new applications that will be hosted on the “OFMEM One” site. This site is currently used by Community Emergency Management Coordinators to submit municipal compliance information. The SIR application is for utilization by those fire departments that do not have their own Records Management System (RMS). Those departments that have an established RMS system can continue to utilize their existing process.

Improvements have been made to both the RVO and SIR applications to optimize the user experience while retaining core functions such as the ability to generate reports and edit submissions. In accordance with Ontario Public Service standards and industry best practices, this new platform provides users with enhanced usability, accessibility, and security features.

The current RVO and SIR applications located at will be decommissioned on June 22, 2021 and replaced by the new platform which will be operational on June 24, 2021. Entries into the existing RVO and SIR applications may still be made up until June 21, 2021. All corresponding data and active records from the current applications will be moved to the new platform. Users will not be able to enter or edit records between June 22 and 24, 2021.

Registering All Users for RVO and SIR Applications

Single fire department accounts will no longer be available. Individual user accounts will need to be set up for anyone responsible for entering information on the new platform related to both the RVO or SIR.

To expedite the set up of the new user accounts:

  • Filing of RVO information: fire chiefs must send an email to with the names and unique email addresses of all staff who will be filing/reviewing RVO information on the new website.
  • Filing of SIR: for those departments who do not already have an RMS, fire chiefs must send an email to with the names and unique email addresses of all staff who will be filing/reviewing SIR information on the new website.

Once received, individuals will be contacted by email with login instructions for the new platform after June 24, 2021. Please note that each email address will be assigned to one individual and cannot be registered under multiple names.

Enquiries regarding the RVO or the information to be filed should be directed to the Technical Services Section of the OFM at Enquiries regarding the functionality of the RVO application should be directed to the OFM at

Enquiries regarding Standard Incident Reporting or the SIR filing process should be directed to

As a result of these new reporting applications being launched, Fire Marshal Directives 2014-001 “Registry of Vulnerable Occupancies” and 2015-001 “Standard Incident Report Filing” have been revised.

Prior to launching the new platform, the OFM worked with fire departments to pilot the applications. These departments were chosen in consultation with fire service partners. The pilot took place throughout January and included medium and large fire departments throughout the province. The OFM would like to thank these departments for their participation and feedback.