Ministry of the
Solicitor General


Communiqué du commissaire des incendies


Communiqué 2018-02

January 12, 2018

In light of the recommendations from the jury of the coroner’s inquest into the deaths of Gary Kendall and Adam Brunt, the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Manage­ment (OFMEM) is providing information and guidance to Ontario fire departments about NFPA 1006, Standard for Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications, published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

The purpose of this standard is to specify minimum job performance requirements for service as a rescuer in an emergency response organization.  The standard states “Each performance objective shall be performed safely, competently, and in its entirety”.

A municipality is responsible for the delivery of fire protection services it has determined are necessary according to its needs and circumstances, as is required by the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997 (FPPA).  Municipalities are encouraged to have an establishing and regulating bylaw1 for fire department services and to state in this bylaw the type and level of fire protection services it provides.  In addition, municipalities are responsible for ensuring their personnel have appropriate training.

Technical rescue is inherently dangerous and technical rescuers are frequently required to perform activities in adverse conditions.  Accordingly, the OFMEM recommends that fire departments complete a stringent site assessment for all technical rescue operations and training.  When developing training activities for technical rescue, municipalities should use and reference recognized standards for professional standards, equipment and safety, such as the NFPA 1006 and NFPA 1670 standards.

Although training and certification based on the NFPA 1006 standard is not mandatory in Ontario, the OFMEM strongly recommends that the NFPA 1006 standard and other relevant NFPA standards be used as guides when undertaking rescue operations and when designing training for such operations.

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1  For further information on establishing and regulating bylaws, see Fire Marshal’s Communiqué 2017-06, Municipal Establishing and Regulating Bylaws.