Ministry of the
Solicitor General

Carbon Monoxide Tweets April


Carbon monoxide is invisible odourless deadly gas. Beat the silent killer #COsafety

Prevent build-up of carbon monoxide – get appliances inspected annually. Install CO alarms #COsafety

Prevent carbon monoxide in condo/apt building – inspect appliances annually. Install CO alarms #COsafety

Know the sources of carbon monoxide. Prevent CO and install CO alarms #COsafety

Get an annual inspection of fuel-burning appliances and vents by registered contractor at #COsafety

Landlords must ensure CO alarms are installed and maintained in rental properties. #COsafety

Find out where you need a CO alarm if you live in a condo/apartment building #COsafety

Ensure outside vents for all fuel-burning appliances are always clear of debris, snow, and ice #COsafety

Never use bbqs and portable fuel-fired heaters/generators inside #COsafety

CO alarms - know the difference between a low-battery warning and an emergency alarm #COsafety

Your CO alarm sounds different than your smoke alarm. Know the difference #COsafety

It is against the law to remove batteries or tamper with CO alarms in any way. #COsafety

Test CO alarms every month by pressing the test button. Replace batteries every year. #COsafety

Replace CO alarms according to manufacturer's instructions #COsafety