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Fire Prevention Week Tweets

Home Fire Escape Planning Tweets

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Not every hero wears a cape.  Plan and practice your escape.  #PlanandPracticeYourEscape2019

Be a superhero, plan and practice your home fire escape plan with your family today! #PlanandPracticeYourEscape2019

Get out and stay out! Never re-enter burning building #PlanandPracticeYourEscape2019

You are responsible for your family's safety. Practice a home fire escape plan #PlanandPracticeYourEscape2019

If someone in your home has a disability make sure you have a plan to escape a fire #PlanandPracticeYourEscape2019

Fire and smoke spread quickly. Practice your home fire escape plan #PlanandPracticeYourEscape2019

A home fire escape plan should identify all possible exits including doors and windows. Make sure they work #PlanandPracticeYourEscape2019

Home fire escape plan: choose as meeting place outside where everyone can be accounted for #PlanandPracticeYourEscape2019

To report a house fire, call the fire department from outside the home#PlanandPracticeYourEscape2019

If caught in smoke, get low and go under the smoke to the nearest safe exit. #PlanandPracticeYourEscape2019

You may have only seconds to safely escape a fire. Practice your home fire escape plan #PlanandPracticeYourEscape2019

If there is a fire and you can't get out, cover vents and cracks around doors to keep smoke out and call 9-1-1 #PlanandPracticeYourEscape2019


Smoke Alarm Tweets

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Install working smoke alarms on every storey & outside sleeping areas. Smoke alarms save lives! #PlanandPracticeYourEscape2019

Only working smoke alarms give you the early warning you need to safely escape a fire #PlanandPracticeYourEscape2019

Larger homes may require additional smoke alarms to ensure everyone can hear them in a fire #PlanandPracticeYourEscape2019

Most fatal fires occur at night when everyone's asleep. Install smoke alarms & practice your escape #PlanandPracticeYourEscape2019

Test smoke alarms in your home every month & replace the batteries every year #PlanandPracticeYourEscape2019

Always follow manufacturer's instructions for installing, testing and maintaining smoke alarms #PlanandPracticeYourEscape2019

Smoke alarms don't last forever. Replace them after 10 years #PlanandPracticeYourEscape2019