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Jahn Settlement

Jahn Settlement

Special Advisors Appointed for Adult Corrections 

In January 2018, the province reached a joint agreement with the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) to continue the implementation of the ten public interest remedies that were mandated in the 2013 settlement with former inmate Christina Jahn. In the joint agreement, Ontario committed to appoint special advisors to analyse and comment on the continued improvement of services and the conditions of confinement for individuals in Ontario’s adult correctional institutions – particularly those with mental health issues.

The Honourable Justice David Cole has been appointed as Ontario’s independent reviewer to monitor the government’s compliance with both the 2013 settlement and the terms of the new agreement. He will issue a progress report on compliance in the fall of 2018, and a final report on overall compliance will be posted publicly.

Professor Kelly Hannah-Moffat has been appointed as Ontario’s independent expert on human rights and corrections to provide impartial advice that will assist the government’s implementation of the terms of the agreement. This includes advice on the province’s plan to track inmates placed in restrictive confinement and segregation, and on the way public data is released.

These appointments are part of the province’s overall work to transform corrections and to support a system built around safety, human rights, and dignity that prioritizes rehabilitation and reintegration.


Justice David Cole

Justice David Cole, Ontario’s Independent Reviewer

Prior to his appointment to the Ontario Court of Justice in 1991, Justice David Cole practiced as a defense counsel for 16 years. He specialized in legal issues relating to inmates and parolees. He served as a judge on the Ontario Court of Justice for 27 years.

Kelly Hannah Moffatt

Professor Kelly Hannah-Moffat, Ontario’s Independent Expert on Human Rights and Corrections

Currently, Kelly Hannah-Moffat is the Vice-President, Human Resources and Equity and Professor of Criminology and Sociolegal Studies at the University of Toronto. She has also served on the Board of the Elizabeth Fry Society for eight years – including several years as president – and has contributed to numerous local, provincial, national, and international committees, inquiries, and commissions.