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About the Office of the Fire Marshal - Welcome

Welcome to our website.

Here, you'll find out about who we are and with whom we work. You'll find out what we do and a little bit about how we do it.

You will learn about our role in public safety as part of the government of Ontario.

You will discover many of the ways in which we help fire departments to help you. We won't come to your home or your neighbour's apartment or your corner grocery store to put out a fire - firefighting is the job of your local fire department. But we will train firefighters and other fire department personnel, provide them with guidelines and best practices, and assist them with providing the best fire prevention and fire protection services they can.

We invite you to access the resources and communications tools we develop and publish on our site for Ontario's fire departments and others who are interested in fire and community safety.

Best of all, we hope to inspire you to create and maintain the safest environment possible for your loved ones and others around you.

Be our guest. Visit the links on the left to learn more about us.