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Jurisdictional Scan: Occupational Stress Injuries/Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Programs/Services

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Questionnaire prepared by the Policy Development and Coordination Branch, Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services
Jurisdictional Scan: Occupational Stress Injuries/Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Programs/Services


The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS) is working with partner ministries on a potential post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) strategy. MCSCS is reaching out to municipal police and fire services across the province to identify what services, programs and training are currently available to first responders for preventing and addressing occupational stress injuries, particularly PTSD. The purpose of this questionnaire is to prepare an overview of existing occupational stress injuries/PTSD related services, including best practices.

Please complete this questionnaire by January 22, 2016 and return it to

This information will be used for the purposes presented above, or for a consistent purpose. All information collected through this questionnaire will be kept confidential. All responses will be safeguarded as required by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. No personal information will be disclosed, except as required by law, and will not appear in any documents or recommendations produced by MCSCS. Under the Open Government initiative, the ministry may publish any responses or summaries of them, with the exception of any personal information.

If you have any questions about this request, please contact Shelda Ward, Team Lead, Policy Development and Co-ordination Branch, Policy and Strategic Planning Division, at 416-212-4026 or


Programs and Services

1. a) What type of services/programs does your organization offer to prevent and/or address occupational stress injuries, such as PTSD? (e.g., mental health “check-ups”, in-house/contracted psychological services/referrals, peer support services, critical incident intervention, employee assistance programs, family inclusion in available programming, etc.). Please include a short description of all relevant programs/services being offered.

b) Are these programs/services delivered internally or by external providers? Please describe.

c) Are any programs/services compulsory (e.g., psychological counselling following a critical incident)?

d) To whom are the programs/services offered (e.g., all employees)?

e) Do you partner with another municipality or service provider/organization to offer these programs/services? Please describe.

Training & Education

2. a) What type of voluntary occupational stress injuries/PTSD training and education programs does your organization offer to employees? Please provide details on the topics covered, time allocated for training and personnel who receive training, as well as the training delivery models (e.g., in-house vs. external provider).

b) Are any training/education programs compulsory? Please describe (what type of training, who is required to take the training, how often, etc.).

c) Has your organization partnered with another municipality and/or service provider to offer training/educational programs? Please describe.

Data Collection

3. Does your organization systematically collect any information related to the use and outcomes of occupational stress related services and programs (including training)? Please describe.

4. Have any of the services/programs (including training) been evaluated? Please describe.

Please attach copies of any relevant summaries/reports on aggregate data collected and evaluation findings that you may be able to share.

Barriers/Service Enhancement

5. a) Are there any actual or perceived barriers to accessing services? Please describe these barriers (e.g., stigma, geographic location, etc.).

b) Has your organization developed any strategies to minimize barriers and enhance access to services? Please describe.

6. Are there any gaps in the services/programs/training currently offered by your organization? Please describe.

7. Does your organization have any plans to develop or expand services/programs/training in this area? Please describe.

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