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MSA FireHawk M7XT Air Mask Safety Notice

Communiqué du commissaire des incendies

MSA FireHawk M7XT Air Mask Safety Notice

Communiqué 2015-07

March 24, 2015

MSA Safety Incorporated recently issued a user safety notice about the FireHawk® M7XT Air Mask. MSA became aware that insufficient lubrication may have been applied to the mask’s bypass valve assemblies during manufacturing, which can render it difficult to operate or possibly inoperable.

All FireHawk M7XT air masks shipped from MSA from the beginning of April 2014 to the end of November 2014 are affected. Replacement FireHawk M7XT bypass assemblies shipped during this period are also affected.

Affected models may be identified by the 10-digit serial number etched on the underside of the mask’s regulator body. The serial numbers of affected models are as follows:

BZAG + any six digits
BZAH + any six digits
CAAG + any six digits
CAAH + any six digits
CBAG + any six digits
CBAH + any six digits
CCAG + any six digits
CCAH + 001 through 335 + any three digits

Fire departments that are in possession of affected equipment should contact their local authorized MSA fire service distributor to schedule a free repair service as soon as possible.

Enquiries regarding the air mask or the user safety notice should be directed to MSA’s customer service; to communicate with customer service staff: