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Solicitor General

Prosecution and Conviction Forms

Prosecution and Convictions Form

(PDF version available on request at AskOFM)


Prosecutions & Convictions under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act and the Ontario Fire Code

Fire departments are asked to complete and submit this form to the Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) when they have successfully taken fire safety enforcement measures under Sections 28 through 32 of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act.

As applicable, provide relevant date of conviction(s), Date of Ontario Court of Justice Order, Date of Superior Court of Justice Compliance Order.

Provide occupancy descriptors.


Where the conviction involved a Fire Code contravention(s) identify the violation(s) by Article, Sentence, Clause, etc. and provide a brief corresponding description.


Where applicable, identify other types of convictions. (i.e., Failure to comply with an order, hinders obstructs or interferes, prevents entry, refuses to answer, provides false or misleading information, refuses or neglects to obey, removed a copy of an order or a notice without consent.)


List or describe the corresponding penalty(s) imposed or other outcomes.


Where applicable, provide details of orders obtained under Section 31 or 32 of the FPPA.


Provide any additional comments.


Contact Name




Phone Number


Thank you for this information. The OFM appreciates your cooperation. Please return this form to the Media Relations & Public Education section by faxing it to 647-329-1214.