Ministry of the
Solicitor General


Community Safety Enhancements


The numbers of marihuana grow operations and clandestine drug laboratories (MGOs/CLs) in the province pose a significant public fire safety threat, as well as negative economic, social and environmental impacts to a wide variety of stakeholders.

The Community Safety Enhancements (CSE) unit provides advice and assistance to government, municipalities and others with regard to MGOs/CLs.

CSE Mandate

  • Support and participate in the Provincial Advisory Group (PAG)
  • Support investigations of fires/explosions involving MGOs/CLs
  • Train, support and create partnerships with first responders for illicit drug response
  • Provide MGO/CL pre-incident and on-scene support to first responders, OFM staff members and other stakeholders
  • Support Ontario Fire Code enforcement in conjunction with the Office of the Fire Marshal's “zero tolerance” mandate


For more information, contact:

Community Safety Enhancements
c/o Office of the Fire Marshal
Phone: 416-325-3100

Or your local Fire Protection Advisor