Ministry of the
Solicitor General

After Hours Calls

Calls After Hours (between 17:00 hours and 08:30 hours, Monday to Friday, and on weekends and statutory holidays)

For all after-hours calls, the PEOC Duty Officer will evaluate the request with reference to the established criteria for notification. Depending on the circumstances of the occurrence and the time the notification is received, the PEOC Duty Officer will either call an investigator for after-hours response or defer the response to the next normal work period. Should the criteria for an after-hours response be met, the closest available on-call OFMEM investigator will be paged. The investigator has up to 2 hours to respond to the PEOC Duty Officer and then contact the requestor.

An OFMEM manager will be available after hours to deal with unusual circumstances where there is a need to speak with the OFMEM directly.

Those occurrences requiring an after-hour response will be assigned to one of the on-call investigators situated throughout the province. The assignment will be based on the quickest possible response given the distance that must be travelled and the response time expected from the investigator.