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Solicitor General

OCC Inquest - Rahmanzadeh 2019

Office of the Chief Coroner

Verdict of Coroner's Jury

Office of the Chief Coroner

The Coroners Act - Province of Ontario

Surname:  Rahmanzadeh
Given name(s): Abdullah
Age: 30

Held at: 25 Morton Shulman Avenue, Toronto
From: July 8, 2019
To: July 9, 2019
By: Dr. Robert Boyko
having been duly sworn/affirmed, have inquired into and determined the following:

Name of deceased: Abdullah Rahmanzadeh
Date and time of death:  August 28, 2014 at 12:15 p.m.
Place of death: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, ON
Cause of death: Pulmonary fat embolism, due to blunt impact trauma to the lower limbs
By what means: Accident

(Original signed by: Foreperson)

The verdict was received on July 9, 2019
Coroner's name: Dr. Robert Boyko
(Original signed by coroner)

We, the jury, wish to make the following recommendations:

Inquest into the death of:

Abdullah Rahmanzadeh

Jury Recommendations

To the Ministry of Labour:

  1. That the Ministry of Labour conduct a review to consider whether reverse alarms should be mandatory on all types or categories of construction vehicles or machinery, such as skid steers or bulldozers.
  2. That the Ministry of Labour conduct a review to consider whether technology can assist in reducing the number of workers being struck by vehicles or machinery being operated in reverse. Some examples of relevant technology might include radar systems, radio frequency detection systems, and rear-view camera and monitor systems, as outlined in material from the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association. If the review shows positive benefits, the Ministry should consider appropriate changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and/or its regulations.
  3. That the Ministry of Labour consider amending the construction regulations to require the use of a dedicated Signaller whenever there are vehicles potentially operating in reverse.