Ministry of the
Solicitor General

Program development

Program development

The Program Development Section works in partnership with police and community organizations to:

  • develop and co-ordinate the planning, implementation and evaluation of crime prevention and community safety initiatives
  • administer and evaluate grant programs in compliance with provincial transfer payment accountability requirements
  • provide advice to police services and community organizations on ministry grant programs and other initiatives
  • provide liaison and consulting services to police services, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police committees, provincial crime prevention organizations, the National Crime Prevention Strategy and other stakeholders
  • represent Ontario in all levels of governmental initiatives relating to crime prevention

The section also provides input into policy and legislative amendments that affect policing, crime prevention and road safety initiatives. The section liaises with other ministries, participates in the federal/provincial/territorial working group on crime prevention and community safety and supports other initiatives:

  • Police Week and Crime Prevention Week
  • outreach to stakeholders
  • special projects and demonstration sites related to crime prevention
  • evaluation of grants
  • database of crime prevention programs in the province