Ministry of the
Solicitor General

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, vision and values

Mission statement

We advance the safety of Ontario’s diverse communities by setting evidence-based standards for police training, education and assessment of learning.

Vision statement

The police training provider of choice.



Integrity guides people to exemplify high ethical and moral behaviour.


We are committed to responsibly managing the public resources entrusted to us through the practice of risk-management and acknowledge accountability for our stewardship.

  1. We are responsible for our actions and are accountable for all we do.
  2. We reduce our carbon footprint and use “green technology” to deliver training and education wherever possible.
  3. We mitigate risk to our stakeholders, to ensure the safety of all.


We value a diverse, respectful and inclusive workplace.

  1. We value our similarities and differences, recognizing there is strength in all.
  2. We act in accordance with principles of honour, policies and law.
  3. People are treated with respect and consideration.


We value our staff as our most important resource.

  1. We encourage the contributions of all in a climate of openness, trust, mutual respect, and shared decision-making.
  2. We commit the necessary resources to staff training that is timely, specific to the needs and relevant to the job requirements.
  3. We employ effective and efficient human resource management to support our employees to become their best.


We are committed to upholding the highest standards of professional integrity.

  1. We live and practice our code of honour – Integrity, Knowledge and Courage.
  2. We embrace self-improvement to enhance our knowledge, skills and abilities.
  3. We are proud members of the Ontario Public Service and value ourselves as a centre of excellence.


Knowledge must be a life-long quest to better serve our diverse communities. Sharing knowledge results in confident decisions and competent actions.


We encourage innovation in the delivery of training and education courses and programs, supported by high quality applied research.

  1. We pledge the validity, reliability and defensibility of our courses.
  2. Our courses will deliver the most current content available in compliance with ministry regulations and best practice models.
  3. We use a blended-learning approach to provide an innovative learning environment for our stakeholders.


We value our stakeholders and seek out new partners to achieve our mission through strategic interaction and collaboration.

  1. We monitor issues and trends in policing and changes in law to provide best practice models for our stakeholders.
  2. We model excellence in policing to our stakeholders through successful strategic and business planning execution.
  3. We are proactive in dealing with issues that may affect our positive relationship with our stakeholders.


Courage is the inner strength that enables a person to do what is right and commit themselves to a higher standard of personal conduct.


We commit to open and honest communication with our stakeholders.

  1. Communication with our stakeholders will be direct, sincere and respectful.
  2. Communication with our stakeholders will be conducted in a timely fashion.
  3. Communication technology will be continuously reviewed for improvements that will assist us to meet stakeholder needs.


We demonstrate the dignity of our profession by conducting ourselves honourably while assuring the worth of others.

  1. We are loyal and faithful to our mission.
  2. We demonstrate our commitment to our stakeholders, through honesty, trust and respect.
  3. We are devoted to justice incorporating ethical and moral behaviour.