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In August 2009, a high-level review of the Ontario Police College was commenced. The focus was on five key program areas: alternate funding, program delivery, infrastructure, partnership opportunities, and management staffing.

An advisory committee was formed consisting of senior officials from the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, the OPP, municipal police services, and the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police. After an extensive review of the program areas, there was an identified need to change. Factors that supported that need were that learners were more sophisticated in their understanding of technology, world-wide web access was affordable, universities and colleges were engaging in on-line learning, and financial trends demanded a new business model – a business model that could support growing demands for training without significant increases in infrastructure costs and alternate ways of delivering training.

At the time of the review, the only means of delivering training were on-site at the College, police service delivered by an OPC instructor, on-site at a police service where a member of the police service delivered OPC training, and limited e-learning offered through the Canadian Police Knowledge Network. New opportunities could focus on delivering some training through the use of technology such as synchronous, asynchronous, and stand-alone computer-based training. Recruit training, practical skills and highly specialized training will remain consistent. In support of this, numerous partnership opportunities are being pursued and agreements forged to help build capacity in an on-line environment. Courses focusing on the Provincial Offences Act, tobacco enforcement, crime prevention, community mobilization, firearms and others are being pursued.

The Leadership Development Unit offers a series of leadership training programs designed to educate and support police leaders as they progress through the management structure of their organization.

The Ontario Police College is conducting a review of all leadership course offerings. This review will examine courses to ensure they reflect current trends in leadership and are aligned with the Police Sector Competency Framework. The review will be completed in 2012, and the results will be reflected in all of our leadership course offerings.

The College is also creating Learning Pathways for its leadership course offerings. These pathways will provide police service personnel with a progressive approach to leadership learning opportunities.

We will continue to engage key stakeholders to identify leadership trends, priority training topics, and delivery methods to continue to meet the needs of our clients. There will be a variety of opportunities for the broader law enforcement community to provide input and advice on leadership course offerings.

We will leverage its distance learning capacity and offer blended learning opportunities (on-line, in-class, pre-course assignments) for leadership course offerings in the future.