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About the Ontario Police College

The Ontario Police College (OPC) is a leader on the international stage of police training. We are committed to the continuous pursuit of business excellence while creating unique and innovative learning opportunities for new and seasoned police officers alike.

Our classes are designed to support and ensure the delivery of police services that meet the needs of Ontario's diverse communities.

The Ontario Police College is a post-hire institution, and does not offer training to members of the general public.

Becoming a Police Constable

If you are interested in becoming a police constable, see the Constable Selection System section of this website for more information. You can also contact your local police service or the Ontario Provincial Police, who would be pleased to assist you.

Contact Us

Ontario Police College

PO Box 1190

10716 Hacienda Road

Aylmer West ON N5H 2T2


10716 Hacienda Road

Springfield ON N0L 2J0

Unit Telephone Facsimile

Director's Office 519 773-4201 519 773-5762

Main Switchboard 519 773-5361 519 773-5762

Registrar 519 773-4203 519 765-1519

March Past

March Past is graduation ceremony for cadets who have completed their Basic Constable Training. For more information on this intake’s March Past, please visit