Ministry of the
Solicitor General

Guns and Gangs

Guns and Gangs Initiative

The Ontario government has made great strides in combating gun and gang violence. Since 2005, the government has invested over $73 million in new initiatives to fight gun crime.

The government has expanded the Guns and Gangs Task Force, hired more police officers, more Crown attorneys, more victim services staff, and more probation and parole officers. Ontario has opened the Operations Centre to provide coordinated investigation and prosecution of gun and gang crimes, opened two major crimes courts and expanded the OPP-led Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit. The government is also creating healthy neighbourhoods by targeting investments in better housing, safe schools, after-school activities, and programs for underserved youths and adults.

The government also included a comprehensive four-point plan to stop the proliferation of gun-related crime.

Fighting gun violence requires being tough on crime, using strong enforcement and effective prevention, and taking aim at the causes of crime. The government is doing everything in its power to get guns off our streets and make our communities safer, and has continued to call on the federal government to do its part in this fight.