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Becoming Correctional Officer

Maintaining order and security in a correctional institution is the primary function of a correctional officer. This is a complex task and goes far beyond locking and unlocking doors.

Correctional officers employed by the ministry are peace officers responsible for the care, custody and control of offenders.

Duties are varied and include supervision of offender activities and control of offender movement throughout the institution.

Correctional officers must be:

  • alert and prepared to react to the unexpected
  • able to handle a variety of difficult situations when dealing with the offender population
  • able to communicate effectively with a variety of people
  • able to work as a member of a team of professionals in the care and rehabilitation of inmates
  • willing to work shifts.

Correctional officers receive a thorough training program, both on the job and at a ministry training site. Training includes search procedures, self-defence and emergency response.

Correctional officers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making a positive contribution to public safety in Ontario.

A career in corrections will appeal to individuals who enjoy working rotating shifts and the challenge of balancing the two diverse components of the job: security/custody and the rehabilitative needs of the offender.

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