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Analytical Summary Information – Rescinded March 16, 2012 – PDF, 38 kb


This analytical summary does not provide comprehensive interpretation, which is dependent upon a variety of issues including individual case history, drug interactions, and tolerance.


Could Cause Death (D)
The detected drug concentration could cause death.

Interpretive data note (I)
This note provides additional information concerning the result.

Toxicologically Significant (T)
The detected drug concentration may produce toxicity.

The drug has been identified in the sample. Identification is based on criteria specific to the analytical technique.

Fatal Reference
Minimum drug concentration at which fatality has been reliably demonstrated in the forensic literature.

The presence or absence of a drug could not be confirmed.

Not Detected
The drug is either not present, or is present, but at an amount that cannot be discerned from other constituents in the sample.

Specific information regarding terminology, methodology, and instrumentation can be provided upon request. For further information, please contact the Toxicology Section Scientific Advisor at 416 314-3143 or