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Performance Reports

Client Satisfaction Survey

The Centre of Forensic Sciences conducts an annual client satisfaction survey that includes questions from the Common Measurement Tool (CMT), a customer satisfaction survey tool that is the standard for the Ontario Public Service. The survey results below help to inform continuous improvement in service delivery.

Executive Summary 2013 - PDF 245 kb

Executive Summary 2012 - PDF 138 kb

Executive Summary 2011 - PDF 56 kb
Follow-up 2011
- PDF 53 kb

Quarterly Performance Information

The following provides the most current timeframes within which operational Sections will issue reports relating to submissions in certain types of cases/offences. Submitting agencies can expect a report within these time frames. In the event that a report is not received at the submitting agency, please contact the section to ascertain the status of the submission.

Quarterly Performance Report

Data for January 1 – March 31, 2015 (PDF, 55 kb)