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Case Completion Targets

The Centre of Forensic Sciences uses performance measures with turnaround time targets for scientific services, based on input from clients and informed by operational realities.

ALL Homicide, Attempt Murder, Sexual Assault60
CHEMISTRY, FIREARMS, TOXICOLOGY Arson & Explosives, SFI & RAISE, Impaired driving & "Over 80"60
ALL All other criminal offences and official investigations (e.g. SIU, OFM)90
BIOLOGYAll offences – Only comparison samples submitted 30
ALLOffice of the Chief Coroner – Death investigations60

The Suspicious Firearms Index (SFI) Service has been established to enable police agencies to determine whether a seized or recovered firearm is linked to other shooting incidents in Canada

The Rapid Assessment of IBIS Selection Examination (RAISE) Service has been implemented to enable police agencies to determine whether seized or recovered cartridges and/or projectiles from crime scenes are linked to other shooting incidents in Canada.

The CFS will do all it can to achieve these turnaround times; however, the time required to complete casework will depend on the number and type of examinations required in each case.

Urgent Cases

Customers are advised to keep the laboratory informed when investigational imperatives, court deadlines, or other contingencies require that the examination be given additional priority. Contact the laboratory prior to submission or as soon as possible thereafter, to consult with Section management, to establish an appropriate turnaround time target. Requests for prioritization of a case will be assessed against those criteria that have been identified by our clients as the ones that most elevate the need for a rapid response.