Training and development

Training and development

Many careers at the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services require specific training.

To accommodate the specialized services we offer, we

  1. have training facilities for firefighters, police, and correctional services workers (correctional officers and probation and parole officers), and
  2. provide a list of training entities that offer training courses for private investigators and security guards

We also contract with private sector partners to provide training and/or testing for:

  1. private investigators and security guards and
  2. police constable candidates

Ontario Police College

 Ontario Police College

The Ontario Police College is a leader on the international stage of police training. We are committed to the continuous pursuit of business excellence while creating unique and innovative learning opportunities for new and seasoned police officers alike.

Our classes are designed to support and ensure the delivery of police services that meet the needs of Ontario's diverse communities.

The college is a post-hire institution, and does not offer training to members of the general public.

Ontario Provincial Police Academy

 OPP Academy

The mission of the Provincial Police Academy is to provide current, relevant and essential law enforcement training, education and development from basic to advanced levels. A variety of specialized police and civilian training courses are provided to the law enforcement community across Ontario, Canada and abroad including:

  • recruit, cadet and auxiliary orientation training for OPP, First Nations and other police agencies
  • training for OPP Experienced Officer recruitment and amalgamation programs
  • police leadership and management development programs for front-line officers, supervisors, managers and police executives

The academy is a post-hire institution, and does not offer training to members of the general public.

Ontario Fire College

 Ontario Fire College

The Ontario Fire College provides education and training to all Ontario municipal fire services including:

  • live fire training and specialty practical skills, such as water and ice rescue, for firefighters
  • diploma programs for Fire Prevention Officers, Company Officers and Training Officers
  • leadership seminars for senior officers, Deputy Chiefs and Fire Chiefs

The college is a post-hire institution, and does not offer training to members of the general public.

Private security and investigative services

 Private Security Guard licence

The role of the Private Security and Investigative Services Branch is to ensure that practitioners are properly qualified to provide protective services. The branch’s responsibilities include:

  • administering and enforcing the provisions of the Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005
  • licensing, regulating and investigating the activities of licensees, which includes private security companies, security guards and private investigators and registered businesses within the scope of the act
  • developing programs, guidelines and policies for the private security industry and providing information to the public and stakeholders concerning the act

Ontario Correctional Services College

 Ontario Correctional Services College

The Ontario Correctional Services College is a leader in innovative staff development and support for learning for Correctional Services. It offers a variety of high quality programs including:

  • new recruit training for correctional officers and youth services officers
  • probation and parole training
  • management, leadership and emergency response training
  • professional development and
  • youth justice training

The college offers sessions at the main campus in Hamilton and regionally at sites across the province. It also has some sessions available through distance and online learning. It plays a key role in the ongoing development of a highly skilled, flexible, and competent work force that is responsive to the changing needs of both our clients and the public.

The college offers both pre and post-hire training, but does not offer training to members of the general public.

Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management

 EMO's headquarters

The Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management develops and delivers innovative training programs that provide emergency management coordinators and other key stakeholders with the skills and knowledge to implement their emergency management program.

While many of our program offerings may be familiar, we are continually updating and reviewing courses to ensure they reflect industry best practices and meet current needs.

We are exploring ways to better serve our learners in an increasingly web-savvy society by enhancing our learning management system and web portal.