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Community safety project grant recipients

Current community safety project grant recipients

Safer and Vital Communities Grant

The Safer and Vital Communities Grant was launched in 2004 to support a variety of local community safety and well-being projects that focus on addressing local risks to help reduce crime and victimization. It is open to community-based, not-for-profit organizations and First Nations Chiefs and Band Councils with the support of local police and organizations from other sectors.

Over the next two years, Ontario is investing approximately $1.6 million in support of 26 projects across the province.

Safer and Vital Communities Grant recipients

Proceeds of Crime Front-line Policing Grant

The Proceeds of Crime Front-line Policing Grant uses funds forfeited to the provincial and federal governments during prosecutions. These funds are made available to police services to fund crime prevention and community safety initiatives.

Ontario is investing more than $6 million over three years (from 2020 to 2023) to support 21 projects across the province that will focus on at least one of the following priorities:

  • gun and gang violence
  • human trafficking
  • sexual violence and harassment

Proceeds of Crime Front-line Policing Grant recipients

Community Safety and Policing Grant

The Community Safety and Policing Grant is a grant program that operates on a three-year cycle and provides police services with the tools and resources they need to combat crime and keep our communities safe. The program focuses on addressing both local and provincial community safety priorities.

From 2019-22, Ontario is investing approximately $181 million to support 107 local projects across the province and $14 million for 18 provincial projects.

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East region

West region

Northeast region

Northwest region

Provincial projects

Ontario Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Grant

The Ontario CCTV Grant is a new provincial grant program, launched in August 2020, designed to support police services in expanding CCTV systems to deter criminal activity and improve public safety. Part of Ontario’s Guns, Gangs and Violence Reduction Strategy, this grant represents a $6 million investment that will be made available over the next three fiscal years, from 2020-2021 to 2022-2023.

All municipal and First Nations police services, as well as the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), are eligible to apply for each of the three fiscal years. For 2020-2021, approximately $1.6 million has been allocated across 18 police services. Applicants are required to pay a minimum of 50 per cent of the total project costs.

Ontario Closed-Circuit Television Grant recipients