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Security guard and private investigator basic testing

As part of a pilot project to evaluate a new online security guard testing service, a small group of individuals who are scheduled to write their security guard test in person will be offered the opportunity to write their test online in English starting October 20, 2020. Individuals will be selected from areas with the most scheduled tests.

This is part of Ontario’s plan to launch online testing for security guards across the province later this fall. Online testing for private investigators and test services in French will be launched at a later date.

For more information, please visit Serco’s website or contact Serco at

There are separate basic tests for security guards and private investigators.

Tests consist of 60 multiple-choice questions based on topics covered in basic training courses. You will have 75 minutes to complete each test.

Please note that in order to register for a test, you will need a training completion number from your basic training course provider.

Testing locations

Tests are offered at select DriveTest centres across Ontario.

How to register

For information about locations and testing procedures, and to register for a basic test, visit

Test fee

The cost to take each basic test is $66.50 plus HST, for a total of $75.15.


The basic test is available in English and French.


Test results are available within two days of taking the test.

If you pass the basic test, you can apply for a security guard or private investigator licence.

If you fail the basic test, you can take it again as many times as necessary. You must pay the full fee each time.

Test preparation

The test preparation guides and checklists below can help you prepare for the basic security guard or private investigator test:

Security Guard Test Preparation Guide
Security Guard Test Preparation Checklist

Private Investigator Test Preparation Guide
Private Investigator Test Preparation Checklist


If you have any questions about test accessibility, or if you require accommodation due to a disability, contact the testing provider, Serco, at or 1-866-248-2555.

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For questions related to basic testing, including locations, scheduling and results, contact the testing provider, Serco, at

For more information about testing, read Questions and answers – security guard and private investigator licences.

If you have other questions about testing, contact us.

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