Smoking Fire Safety Tweets

Smoking Fire Safety Tweets

Encourage smokers to smoke outside. Extinguish cigarettes in metal container, not in plant pots or on the ground

Garages burn too! If you smoke in the garage extinguish cigarettes in metal containers #ImFireSafe4[insert month]

Don’t extinguish cigarettes in plant pots. They often contain peat moss, shredded wood & bark that can easily ignite

Never smoke in bed #ImFireSafe4[insert month]

Never smoke where medical oxygen is used #ImFireSafe4[insert month]

Butt out cigarettes in large, deep ashtrays that can’t be knocked over #ImFireSafe4[insert month]

Empty cigarette ashes into a metal container-not the garbage can-and put it outside #ImFireSafe4[insert month]

Before you throw out cigarette butts & ashes make sure they are out. Put in water or sand #ImFireSafe4[insert month]

If people have been smoking in your home, check behind chair & sofa cushions for cigarette butts before going to bed