Smoke alarms save lives! #ImFireSafe4[insert month]

Install working smoke alarms on every storey & outside sleeping areas. It’s the law! #ImFireSafe4[insert month]

Larger homes may require additional smoke alarms to provide a minimum level of protection #ImFireSafe4[insert month]

Test smoke alarms in your home every month & replace the batteries every year #ImFireSafe4[insert month]

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing, testing and maintaining smoke alarms #ImFireSafe4[insert month]

Smoke alarms don’t last forever. Replace them after 10 years #ImFireSafe4[insert month]

Electrically-connected smoke alarms don’t work when power is out. Have battery back-up! #ImFireSafe4[insert month]

Most fatal fires occur at night when everyone’s asleep. You need working smoke alarms & escape plan #ImFireSafe4[insert month]

Fire doesn’t take a vacation. Install smoke alarms in cottage, cabin or trailer #ImFireSafe4[insert month]