Electrical Fire Safety Tweets

Electrical Safety Tweets

Plug appliances directly into outlet. Never use extension cords http://ontario.ca/c46d

Check electrical cords for damage such as fraying or nicks. Exposed wires are fire hazard http://ontario.ca/c46d

Avoid running electrical cords under rugs, which can damage the cord and cause a fire http://ontario.ca/c46d

Extension cords should not be linked together. Use extension cord long enough to do the job http://ontario.ca/c46d

Overloaded outlets can cause overheating/fire hazard. Get electrician to install more outlets http://ontario.ca/c46d

Electrical outlets near water should be GFCIs to provide electrical protection http://ontario.ca/c46d

Replace blown fuses with ones of the proper rating. If the problem continues call electrician http://ontario.ca/c46d

If circuit breaker trips often call electrician before turning breaker back on or replacing fuse http://ontario.ca/c46d