Cottage, RV, Trailer Fire Safety Tweets

Cottage, RV, Trailer Fire Safety Tweets

Fire doesn’t take a vacation. Test smoke & carbon monoxide alarms in your cottage this weekend #ImFireSafe4[insert month]

When packing for long weekend, don’t forget new batteries for smoke & CO alarms at cottage #ImFireSafe4[insert month]

Ensure all family members & guests know how to escape if a fire starts at cottage #ImFireSafe4[insert month]

RVs, trailers & mobile homes burn too! Install smoke alarms. Plan an escape in case of fire #ImFireSafe4[insert month]

Ensure hunt or fishing camp has working smoke & CO alarms. Know how to escape if fire starts #ImFireSafe4[insert month]

Alcohol is a factor in many fires. Drink responsibly this holiday weekend #ImFireSafe4[insert month]