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Compliance Letter to Owners

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May 3, 2016

Dear Owner/Operator:

I am writing to remind you of the comprehensive set of changes introduced by Ontario Regulation 150/13 which amended the Ontario Fire Code and came into effect on January 1, 2014.  These changes apply to care occupancies, care and treatment occupancies and licensed retirement homes. 

In addition to the mandatory retrofit of automatic sprinklers and other building upgrades, there are a number of additional fire safety measures that are now required by the Fire Code in these occupancies including:

  • A mandatory annual fire drill based on a scenario approved by the local Chief Fire Official;
  • Record keeping for the training of supervisory staff on their roles and responsibilities outlined in  the fire safety plan; and
  • Mandatory training for all owners and operators or delegates responsible for implementing the approved fire safety plan (Deadline January 1, 2017).

New requirements for fire departments include observation of the mandatory annual fire drill, undertaking an annual inspection and filing an entry in the provincial Registry of Vulnerable Occupancies.

Committed to Working Together

The regulatory changes, incorporating a balanced approach of requirements for enhanced inspections, training and building retrofits, will help reduce the probability and consequence of fire on building residents as well as decrease the risks encountered by fire fighters who are called to respond to fire emergencies in these occupancies.

It remains the responsibility of facility owners and operators in all municipalities to ensure their buildings are in compliance with Fire Code requirements.

The OFMEM will continue to support owners/operators, municipalities and Chief Fire Officials in their efforts to achieve regulatory compliance by providing advice and assistance, training and ongoing communication.  I encourage you to visit the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management (OFMEM) website at for the “Care Occupancies, Care and Treatment Occupancies and Retirement Homes” portal which contains a comprehensive set of resources including a full Compliance Schedule and many Questions and Answers on a variety of compliance related topics.

For enquiries regarding Fire Code application to specific buildings, please contact your local fire department.


Fire Marshal Signature
Ross Nichols
Fire Marshal and Chief, Emergency Management