Ministry of the
Solicitor General

Service Standards

Service Standards

The Government of Ontario adopted certain principles to guide ministries in their efforts to meet or exceed customer expectations and satisfy their needs. The principles deal with accessibility, responsiveness, reliability, care and accountability. In order to follow these principles and achieve customer service objectives, the Office of the Fire Marshal developed the service standards outlined below.

The Office of the Fire Marshal is committed to public safety in the province of Ontario, responding to the ever changing requirements for training, testing, information and service delivery. The Office of the Fire Marshal commits to the following service standards:

  • All media enquiries received during business hours will receive a response within the same day.
  • We commit to monitoring course availability and demand.
  • We will process invoices for course registrations on a quarterly basis.
  • Individuals will receive letters indicating satisfactory/unsatisfactory test results in a confidential envelope within 12 weeks of the test date.
  • We will provide advice regarding immediate threats to public safety within 24 hours of receiving a request for assistance.
  • We will respond to requests for fire scene investigations that involve fatalities, serious injuries and explosions within a 24-hour time period 90 per cent of the time.

Due to resource implications there may be occasions when we are not able to meet the timelines noted.