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Programs & Resources for Fire Departments

Programs and Resources for Fire Departments

Alarmed for Life! Program

Produced by the Office of the Fire Marshal, this kit contains information, suggestions and materials to help fire departments implement a community smoke alarm program. It contains a CD of printable resources, PowerPoint presentations, and A Guide for Developing a Community Smoke Alarm Program. We sent this kit to all fire departments in Ontario.

Annual Fire and Life Safety Educators' Conference

We present an educational conference for public fire and life safety educators every November. Conference topics help keep public educators informed about educational programs, strategies, materials and trends. Participants also have opportunities to network and exchange ideas with their peers.

Fire Safety and Prevention: A Resource Guide for Child Welfare Professionals

This CD contains resources fire departments can use to train child welfare professionals about fire safety issues in the homes of their client families. Fire departments are encouraged to contact their local child welfare agencies to discuss ways to educate these families about fire safety.

Fire Safety Information Cards

These 5” x 7” cards hold information on fire safety topics for fire departments to use in their public education programs.

No Time to Spare Video

We produced this video for use by the fire service in raising public awareness of critical home fire safety issues. Footage of a fatal fire recreation emphasizes how quickly fire spreads and the importance of preventing fires, maintaining working smoke alarms, practising home fire escape plans and installing residential sprinklers.

Protocol for the Ontario Fire Service

Public image is very important to the role and function of the Ontario fire service. Proper protocol, deportment and marching skills portray a positive public image, foster respect for the fire service and depict firefighters as professional members of the community.

With contributions from the Ontario Provincial Police, York Regional Police Services, and the Canadian Armed Forces, we developed a publication called Protocol for the Ontario Fire Service. This reference manual was designed to provide guidance to the fire service on protocol for a variety of events in which firefighters may be called to participate, such as parades, ceremonies, official functions and investitures. Saluting, wearing of uniform decorations and medals, marching and drills, flag folding and etiquette, and fire department funerals are some of the topics covered in the manual.

Public Education Matters E-Notice

Our Public Fire Safety Education Unit sends information on a variety of public education matters by email to all fire chiefs in Ontario. This e-notice is intended to provide them with timely information they can use to enhance fire safety education and prevention in their communities.

Public Fire and Life Safety Educators' Certificate Program

This accredited six-month program teaches members of Ontario's municipal fire departments the skills needed to run public fire safety educational programs in their communities. The program is offered at the Ontario Fire College twice a year. Our Public Fire and Life Safety Educators' Certificate Program is one of the ways we assist Ontario's fire departments in meeting their mandatory responsibilities for public education under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997.

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

We produce print, radio and television public service announcements to promote fire-safe behaviours. These announcements target everyday fire safety issues as well as seasonal and holiday-specific reminders. Fire departments contact their local news media to print or broadcast the PSAs in the interest of public fire safety.

Risk Watch® : An Injury Prevention Program for Children

For more than a decade, the Office of the Fire Marshal, the Fire Marshal's Public Fire Safety Council and several partners have been strongly promoting and supporting the use of Risk Watch across Ontario by school boards, community coalitions, and fire departments. Through Risk Watch, children learn to recognize risks and take appropriate actions to avoid eight preventable injuries, including fires and burns.

To help fire departments understand and use the new Canadian version of Risk Watch, we offered regional training sessions, fact sheets, letters for school board officials, media advisory templates, and a Risk Watch website.


TAPP-C is a juvenile firesetter intervention program for children and youth of ages 2 through 17. In this program, fire service and mental health professionals work with the child and family to change dangerous firesetting behaviours.

Volunteer Fire Service Personnel Recruitment and Retention Resource Package

For many fire departments that rely entirely or partly on volunteers to deliver fire protection services, recruiting and retaining enough capable and experienced volunteers has been a challenge. In response to requests and comments received by fire departments about this problem, we developed a resource package to assist them in establishing formal volunteer recruitment and retention programs or improving their existing programs.

What's Cooking for Teens! Fire Safety Program

Teenagers learn many life skills that will prepare them for the years ahead; however, many teens don't learn how to cook safely to prevent devastating fires and injuries. What's Cooking for Teens! will help fire service educators teach them safe cooking habits. In addition to content presentations, the CD includes teaching tools and student activities.