Ministry of the
Solicitor General



Local municipal fire and police departments notify us of fires and explosions that meet our criteria for investigation. Our fire investigators, with the technical support of our engineering staff, seek to determine the origin, cause and circumstances of these occurrences. Some cases require examination of factors such as the performance of the occupants of a building and the building's fire safety systems or the actions of the responding emergency services.

All fires are investigated to a forensically credible level. We assist police services in the prosecution of offenders where arson has been uncovered by an investigation. Our fire investigators qualify as experts in court and provide testimony in criminal prosecutions and coroner's inquests.

Information derived from investigations often uncovers critical public fire safety issues. The results are instrumental in developing better fire safety standards and fire prevention programs.

Did You Know?

Averaging over a period of six months, we have been called to investigate a fire involving a marijuana grow operation or illegal drug lab every 15 days.