Ministry of the
Solicitor General

Technical Services

Technical Services

Applied Research - Key Responsibilities

  • Provide expert technical advice to the fire service, OFM staff, the private sector and other stakeholders
  • Conduct research, technical analysis and provide advice on matters relating to fire investigation, protection, prevention and public education
  • Conduct environmental scanning for the purpose of communicating relevant information on new issues and trends to the fire service
  • Investigate and report on large fires that may endanger the community or environment
  • Administer the segment of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act that deals with immediate threat to life and orders/authorizations to close buildings

Applied Research - Programs, Products and Events

  • Product recalls and warnings
  • Participation on national and international codes and standards technical committees
  • Applied research projects (e.g., smoke alarm technologies, stovetop fire mitigation technologies, engineered lightweight wood framing, residential sprinklers, and more)

Fire Safety Standards - Key Responsibilities

  • Provide expert advice to government on fire safety legislation and regulations
  • Provide opinions, advice and assistance on Fire Code compliance and enforcement
  • Provide opinions on enforcement powers and authority under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997 (FPPA)
  • Develop proposals to government for amendments to the Fire Code
  • Develop technical guidelines related to the Fire Code and the FPPA
  • Administer appeals filed with the Fire Marshal under section 25 of the FPPA and render decisions in the dispute between the municipal fire inspector and the appellant
  • Participate in the coordinated national process for development of the model National Fire Code of Canada

Fire Safety Standards - Programs, Products and Events

  • Fire Code administration
  • Technical Guidelines
  • Appeals process
  • Training and information sessions on the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997 and Fire Code