Ministry of the
Solicitor General

Ontario Fire College

Ontario Fire College

Key Responsibilities

  • Deliver education and training programs in prevention, suppression, training and leadership to Ontario fire service in Gravenhurst and across the province
  • Maintain student-learner academic records
  • Operate an Advisory Network to ensure the currency and relevance of programs, courses and seminars

Programs and Products

  • Ontario Fire College course calendar
  • Ontario Firefighter Curriculum
  • Graduate Diplomas (Company Officer, Fire Prevention Officer, Training Officer) and Certificates
  • Student-learner records

Academic Standards and Evaluation -
Key Responsibilities

  • Develop training programs and evaluation systems to support the Ontario fire service professionalization process
  • Develop, administer and manage certification and accreditation programs for fire service and OFM occupational roles
  • Develop partnerships and alternative delivery mechanisms for enhancing fire service accessibility to standardized educational and training programs

Academic Standards and Evaluation -
Programs, Products and Events

  • Provincial testing for Ontario Firefighter Curriculum, Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training Program and Ontario Fire College diploma programs and courses
  • Ontario Fire Service Certification Council
  • Certification Programs for the Ontario Fire Service
  • Terrorism/Hazardous Materials Awareness for First Responders in Ontario self-study course
  • Ontario Fire Service Simulations Guide / A Guide to the Creation of Safe, Effective Simulations for Fire Department Training and Evaluation Exercises