Ministry of the
Solicitor General

Legislation and Administration

Legislation and Administration

The Office of the Fire Marshal is a branch of the Community Safety Division of the Ministry of the Solicitor General. The Fire Marshal is the principal adviser to government on public fire protection policy and fire safety issues.

We are responsible for the administration of the following provincial legislation that promotes fire protection, fire prevention and public safety in Ontario:

We provide advice and assistance on the application and enforcement of the legislation, and manage an appeals process. We also provide administrative services to the Fire Safety Commission – an adjudicative agency that renders decisions for appeals and applications related to specific matters identified under the authority of the FPPA.

Developing and maintaining the Fire Code is a complex and technical undertaking. We aim to publish new editions of the code approximately every five years, with opportunities for interim amendments along the way. This work involves:

  • updating standards to reflect new technologies
  • addressing provincial priorities
  • achieving, to the degree possible, harmonization with the National Fire Code of Canada
  • managing a system that enables code users to propose changes online
  • holding public and stakeholder consultations regarding proposed code changes

Codes and standards play an important part in making Ontario a safer place to live and work. Many of our fire protection engineers, and other staff, sit on national and international technical committees that develop fire safety-related codes and standards. As voting members, our staff collaborate with other industry leaders and can effect changes to improve safety and professional standards, and support Ontario's interests.

Recognized as a foremost centre of knowledge on matters concerning fire and public safety, we are in a unique position to influence a wide range of legislation and continue to promote and introduce changes that would minimize the impact of fire and other hazards on people, property and the environment in Ontario.

Did You Know?

The Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997 is the first legislation in Canada to make fire prevention, public education and fire protection mandatory responsibilities of municipalities.