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OFM - TG-04-1998 attachment 2

OFM-TG-04-1998  ATTACHMENT 2  

(PDF version available on request at AskOFM)


The Ontario Fire Code requires that every place of residence have smoke alarms installed and kept in working condition. Smoke alarms are very important for the safety of you and your neighbours by giving early warning of fire. Your landlord is responsible for installing smoke alarms and keeping them in working condition, including testing, repairs and replacement as necessary. Your landlord must also act to correct any problem or concern you report about the operation of your smoke alarm.

Your residence has been provided with a smoke alarm(s) that is:

eckbox for battery operated smoke alarmbattery operated      eck boxhard wired.

A summary of the main features and the operation of the smoke alarm has been prepared by the landlord and is attached.


For your protection, you are encouraged to take part in ensuring that the smoke alarms are operational and to co-operate with the landlord in carrying out the necessary testing and maintenance.

Here are some steps that you can take:  

  • Notify the landlord when the low battery signal is activated (on battery operated smoke alarms only) and make arrangements for replacement of the battery.
  • Notify the landlord if the "power on" indicator goes out (on electrically wired smoke alarms only) and arrange for appropriate repairs.
  • Notify the landlord if the smoke alarm is damaged and make arrangements for the repair or replacement of the unit.
  • When you have been absent for seven or more days (such as vacation), arrange for the smoke alarms to be tested by the landlord to ensure that the smoke alarms are operable (on battery operated smoke alarms only).
  • Notify the landlord of any electrical problems that may affect the operability of electrically wired smoke alarms.
  • Contact your local fire department if you have serious concerns about the operability of your smoke alarm or any other fire safety matters in your building.


The Fire Code specifies that "no person shall intentionally disable a smoke alarm so as to make it inoperable". A tenant or any other person who intentionally disables a smoke alarm is guilty of a provincial offence and may be subject to a fine.