OFMEM e-Bulletin - Amendment Package #2 for 2007 Fire Code Compendium Publication

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Amendment Package #2 for 2007 Fire Code Compendium Publication

Bulletin #010/14

December 29, 2014

A new amendment package has been developed for the “2007 Fire Code Compendium” in cooperation with ServiceOntario Publications. The amendment package contains revised pages for the following documents:

  • Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997 (complete reprint reflecting changes to date)
  • Fire Code (O. Reg. 213/07) (pages amended by O. Reg. 194/14)
  • Fire Code Supplement, FCS-1 (complete reprint reflecting changes introduced by O. Reg. 150/13 and O. Reg. 194/14)

The revised pages are available from the ServiceOntario Publications site at the following link:


The document may be retrieved by typing document number “112006” in the Search bar and then may be directly downloaded at no cost.

Printing Instructions:

Fire Code Compendium binder publication: Print pages double-sided on three-hole punch paper and insert directly into the binder replacing corresponding existing pages.

Fire Code Compendium soft cover publication: Print pages single-sided and reduce size to 84%. Cut pages down and paste to corresponding existing pages as the soft cover publication binding is fixed.