OFM - 8(2)

PART III - Subsection 8.(2) 

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Subsection 8.(2) Appointment of Deputy Fire Marshal


"There shall be a Deputy Fire Marshal, who shall be appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council and who shall act in the stead of the Fire Marshal if he or she is absent or unable to act, and who, when so acting, has all the power and authority of the Fire Marshal."


To ensure that either the Fire Marshal or the Deputy Fire Marshal is available at all times, with the authority to exercise the powers and duties of the Fire Marshal.




Why has the Deputy Fire Marshal been included in the Act but not deputy fire chiefs?


The term "deputy fire chief" was not defined in the Act to allow municipalities more flexibility to establish a management team that meets their own needs and circumstances. Although there is a need for someone to be designated to function in the absence of the fire chief, this may or may not involve a position called a "deputy fire chief".